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Welcome to Rabbitats for Humanity!

Located on the South Bristol pennisula of Mid-coast Maine, Rabbitats for Humanity
is a one-of-a-kind labor of love founded and maintained by Quan Myers. Since its foundation as a  registered non-profit organization in 2006, it has become home for more than 100 rabbits, most of whom were given up by their owners or taken in from overcrowded local shelters. 


Our Mission...

Rabbitats for Humanity was set up to rescue neglected and abandoned domestic rabbits; to provide them with necessary medical care, including spaying and neutering; to keep old shelter bunnies in safety and comfort for life; and to encourage sponsorship of all of the needy bunnies who are taken care of here for free. 

A critical part of our mission is to educate local pet stores, breeders, shelters, and the public about proper care of these intelligent, complex, and loving animals. 

Please use this site as a resource to learn more about bunnies and discover different ways that you can help a rabbit have a better life.

All of the labor at the Rabbitat is volunteer, and there are many adorable bunnies to sponsor here who would appreciate any help you can offer so that they have the food, shelter, and medical attention they need.

Enjoy your visit, and feel free to email or call (207) 563-7122 for more information about rabbits and the Rabbitat!