Quan MyersQuan Myers runs Rabbitats for Humanity, a non-profit center for unwanted bunnies. Since 1998, Quan has rescued, rehabilitated, and cared for over a thousand bunnies.Her passion and extensive experience with so many bunnies has led her to educate in shelters, schools, and libraries all over New England.

Quan is now offering her experience and knowledge to anyone wishing for guidance, on housing and caring for bunnies. She has placed five of her bunnies, in a local school serving K-8 grades, and in the protected outside 'rabbitat' they learned to build, children have the opportunity to feed, hold, and interact with the bunnies daily. Quan hopes that more schools will open their facilities and their hearts to bring in homeless bunnies from local shelters.This is a great opportunity for children to connect and heal themselves along with teaching them compassion and empathy.

Quan still helps others to build 'rabbitats' and is available to answer questions regarding health care for bunnies.


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